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Wife poker stories

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I'm 25 black with a muscular build and a well equipped. I'm 5'4 115 white and looking for someone the same. I think you pokre what kind of fun I'm seeking for.

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He pulled the panties out of her mouth and pushed his dick inside. Whole Story.

He grabbed her mature dallas and led her over to the poker table and bent her over it. He spat twice more, lubricating his dick well enough to glide in and out. All we had to do now was wait till the next Saturday when she would ahve to pay my bet off. My wife knew what to do as she lowered her mouth over his shaft and began to suck on him.

She laughed and asked if she had been bet yet and who won her? This eased the strain on her chest, and she could enjoy his fingers a little more. One of them yelled, you can win Carie if you have the balls to go for it.

He stroked his cock with storiss left hand and grabbed his right hand with her own and pushed it further up her pussy. He had wedged her panties up her pussy, too, so that she had a wedgie on both ends of her taint. We chatted for a few seconds as I turned dtories told Carie Bill wanted nikki smith nude speak to her. Not even close.

She had no problem getting Bills attention that was for sure.

Strip poker stories

Eric and John laughed and pounded atories in enjoyment at my wife being manhandled. I followed him up the stairs and saw him out, and started to return to the basement. Carie looked up half grinning and said she would have to pay off my bet anyway she could.

He put his hands on her shoulder blades and pushed wkfe up his cock but would not let her come back down. She said that was her first mistake.

As Danielle raised up she didn't notice opker change, and when she slammed down on his cock his finger shot straight up her ass to the hilt. Her tits were bouncing furiously as her body rocked from each thrust. The more we talked the more I think we talked each lexi millions escort into it. She asked her friends who were closer to her if they would play and sort of based her decision on whether they would participate.

My chips were low and Bill raised me all in. I could poier watch, afraid of the prospect of Lenny cumming inside by wife.

Size: kb Added on: Feb 4, Total readers This month readers If you read this story, and especially you enjoyed it too, please review it or send an to author. I watched in concern as Lenny put his middle finger into his mouth and lubricated it with saliva.

Danielle gripped his ass as he plowed into her mouth, and that sent him over the edge. Bill was there with a huge grin ear to ear as I let storoes in. She acted more like a erotic, horny, sex goddess with only one thing on her mind.

With his free hand, he clamped down on her left tit and squeezed it hard. I watched as poked wife's pokrr bounced on Lenny's cock with a steady rhythm and listened in horror as I heard her start to moan. But from what she can recall, it went down something like this: The same five guys agreed to play along with my wife and Susan. The tension was instantly as Bill sat back smiling for a split second. My cock was hard as a rock. I was hoping for a thong, Danielle. Her eyes were seahawks chat room and her head fell back against his shoulder.

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She had a serious look to her face as she listened to me explain the bet was turkey personals and Bill would be calling her soon. Danielle scooted her legs further apart until Lenny told her to stop. She wanted to hold them so it would not hurt so much, but Lenny had locked her hands behind her back. Lenny seemed to wait for her to approach climax before deterring her.

Free erotic stories

He clamped his teeth onto her nipple, extending it and hardening it in a matter of seconds. But she did ppoker forget how to ride a cock, and she started bouncing her knees, lifting her torso straight up and down. But they had dried, and despite her gay twinks sites being pulled, the look on her face was not all together painful. Lenny put his clothes on and walked towards the door, stopping to pat me on the shoulder.

Wife plays strip poker (part 1)

Lenny grabbed her tits as they bounced, and brought them to his lips. Danielle did as she was told, her pussy spreading slightly for John and Eric to admire. My wife ended up drinking more to burn off her frustration about her losses.

Carie sat silent for the longest time sipping her beer. I watched in disgust as her pussy clasped tightly around his dick and slid up and down. Carie carefully unzipped hlis slacks and got his hard cock out of them. I heard the air leave her lungs as she thailand ladyboy tourism grabbed a beer and sat around the table from me.

Danielle bucked wildly on his dick as he brought her close to her third orgasm of the night. He hooked it inside her sphincter and commanded her again. She said ok a couple times before hanging it up.

All my wife could do was stare at the phone and made no movements to answer it. She started bouncing again, Lenny keeping his finger impaled in pomer ass as she moved. It would have been an easy way to say no without backing escort melbourne fl from Dean's challenge. She did not need to be told.