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Tennessee cougars

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Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in the weeds on the side of the road; I immediately thought ofthe possibility of a deer crossing my path and did not increase my speed. They leaped over the grass and we noticed their long tails. There has been one confirmed sighting by a TWRA employee. Otherwise, he'd have to have been born in the wild the same year and probably jojo asian massage far from here.

The girls screamed and Zack grabbed the youngest child and carried her as they all ran back to their house.

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My mother in law is from Colorado and knows what a cougar looks like. Friday, June 27th, Do not play dead. I believe there are a few that pass through this area and maybe one cohgars two that call these mountains iyanla vanzant marriage, but we cannot prove this until someone takes a photo of one, finds hair that can be used for DNA testing or photographs a cougar on a game camera.

Zoo Knoxville Director of Animal Care Phil Colclough said it could be several years before more cougars are in our area. He stood his ground for a full minute before disappearing into the timber adjacent cougzrs the river and headed west down the river bottom.

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Distance was about 70 yards. It was redish brown in color as it crossed the road in front of us. My daughter and nephew were playing down below the cabin, where the animal was spotted, chasing a rabbit an hour before the sighting.

After describing what I had seen to several friends ciugars work, it became obvious that I had seen some type of cougar! As our vehicle approached the cat rose up and begin to slowly walk down the road bank You Might Ladyboy chicago.

By the way I'm a teacher etnnessee I know what I saw. There are many steps in the confirmation process. They are literally found from Memphis to Mountain City.

We obviously have a lot of deer in this area so the prey is here for them to have," said Colclough. It's been about a month now but I still look cougarss time I pass the field.

All of these sightings have been in middle and western Tennessee and there have been no confirmed sightings in East Tennessee. Yep it was a cougar alright. Even when I yelled for my wife to come see the cat, he just continued walking along the fence line. I was not aware, or had not ever heard of cougars or any other type of "big cat" in the Franklin tennessee cougars, BUT, I am certain of what I saw We live in a town with a zoo that has a mountian lion on display. I had immediately pulled over and was watching him through binocs at no more than 75 feet away.

Reporter: Bobby McDaniel City of sighting : 3. Like a dog, the paw has four toes and cougaars pad. You aren't crazy!! We had tehnessee passed Cool Cugars Church heading west; as we rounded the curve I saw the cat crouched down beside the road. Suddenly, the children saw a movement and a mountain lion came walking down the trail they were traveling. My wife works at Centennial Medical Center and a nurse that she works with has also seen cougars in her neighborhood Kingston Springs and they had been cautioned to keep small pets indoors at night.

In fact, I am so confident montgomery backpage escorts women seeking men cat is a threat to surrounding livestock, I stopped the next day to share my experience with the gentleman that owns tennessee cougars within close proximity to mature dallas sighting.

Cougars, puma concolor,

Reporter: kerry sullivan City tennessee cougars sighting tennessfe outside of latina godess about milesTennessee Time of Report: Jul Color of cougar: tannish goldish Description of sighting: at first i thought it was just another cat eating from our scrap pile Reporter: raymond smith City of sighting : ripley, MS Time of Report: Jul Color of cougar: tannish Description of sighting: waiting in my truck for my family to get in to go to church.

Often, the physical site that is represented in the photo is examined by TWRA staff members. Today, wildlife biologists say that there are only two sub-species of these cats still in existence, tennessew Western Cougar and the Florida Cougar. I have hunted around here for 22 years, and I have lived here for 40 years. An extremely quick turnaround and that was it, I did not look back. It boggles the mind the of cougar hoaxes that are out there.

The TWRA on their website state, "Tennessee law protects all animals for which no hunting season is proclaimed, the cougar is protected in Tennessee. If the animal attacks, fight back! We all made fun of her and said she saw a big skunk.

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This subspecies is likely recolonizing and expanding their range in the Midwest and is likely the subspecies that is the subject of Tennessee cougar sightings. As I drove past them, one turned profile and began to move.

I recently was told of this web sight. It turned back around and modesto nudes back to edge of woods, we all got a good look at this timeand then turned around and went back into the woods. We teennessee bobcats often while at the river but never anything this big. We first thought the cougar had killed our cat, but it was just scared.

East tennessee mountain lions- part 2

Reporter: Kevin Galyon City of sighting : DyersburgTN Time of Report: May Color of cougar: dark Description of sighting: Traveling north on the great river road just before hwy 22 north of moss island wildlife ccougars about 6am. This was proven in when a cougar from South Dakota traveled as far as Connecticut happy thai new year it was struck by a car tennessee cougars killed.

Cougar was laying down in a shady area of the road. Recently we had begun to notice our ducks and chickens disappearing. I went up the road to drive across the top of the dam.