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Supernatural boyfriend quiz

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We know which "supernatural" character you should end up with

Always wanted to know which Supernatural hottie is right for you? You got Sam!

It was so emotional! I never met my mother, but I really hate my dad.

Supernattural would take him to either a car museum or a racetrack where he could race his Impala. You got Gabriel! A denim jacket with a plain baggy shirt underneath.

I usually carpool, so I don't have a car. You got Crowley! He knows how to do a woman right.

Advertisement What feature attracted you to your guy? You got Castiel! Where do you take him? You got Dean!

Figure out which character from supernatural suits you the best!

Settle down and just cuddle up. I don't eat too much, but I really like the taste of grilled cheese.

What is your favorite season of Supernatural? Go out hunting.

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Brown hair and green eyes. Black hair and blue eyes.

I'm a relatively healthy eater. Maybe supermatural the syrupy British accent, maybe it's the flowery sass, or maybe it's just that Balthazar is the hottie you're looking for, but this beautiful angel will rock your world. Advertisement What is your favorite quote from Supernatural? Fight them off. Advertisement You finally score a date with one of our lucky bachelors.

He is always the biyfriend one, so prepare to have an amazing life in the bedroom. I like the season that focused on the demon and angel tablets.

Who's your ideal supernatural boyfriend?

I would take him to bojfriend spa and then an expensive dinner. I drive a muscle car. I would say it would be his tender heart. Strong, silent, and as pretty as his brothers, Adam Milligan would make sure you're never forgotten. My mother was out of the picture when I was young, and I look up to my dad.

About this quiz

Beautiful, electric baby blue eyes, soft lips and messy black hair, coupled with a sexy voice and perpetual innocent bemusement, and you've got Castiel. His tablet. He has a really dark sense of humor that I love. If you had any. Advertisement When you two are getting ready to leave, what does your date make sure he doesn't forget to take before departing? A voice that could bring God to his knees and a smolder that will make you weak, Crowley brings boyfriiend whole new what is back page of sexy.


Who is your supernatural boyfriend?

A cozy jacket with a checkered shirt underneath. I would take him to a book fair. You'll never be bored with this guy by your side.

He first appeared in Season 5. Take this quiz to find out! I would attempt to but I would find it slightly awkward.

Supernatural quiz

There is absolutely nothing healthy about my diet. Even though he doesn't do it often, I would say his smile. Calculating Advertisement What kind of car do you drive? Brown hair and blue eyes.