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Cute names for contacts

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There is a special bond present, just like there should be in romantic relationships. Some are saucy and will call you out on your bad behavior. Kitty For that one friend who is obsessed with cats and whose room is filled with cat-themed items. Whatever the case may be, nicknames are a wonderful way to show your affection for your friends. And some are downright silly.

Just right, right? Happiness For that friend who is the source of almost all the happiness in your life.

50 cute names to call your female bestie

Rolly Polly You know this friend. Macho For the meet av friend who looks all macho and tough but is a softy at heart! Tough Guy For the friend who never ever! Forcing a nickname is a good way naems getting people not to use it in the future.

List of nicknames for female best friends and meanings

Love For the sweetheart who means everything to you and completes your life. Volcano For the short-tempered friend who blows their top at the slightest of annoyance. Do not worry as we have a lot of tips and tricks that will help you. Kitty — This one for the timid, introverted girlfriends who cannot even harm a fly to save their butts.

We have compiled the best list of Contact names that you can use it to save s of your Father, mother, brother, Sister, crush, girlfriend and boyfriend. They have the most beautiful souls and hearts as well.

Nicknames for your best friends

Cheers to you, friend. Lover — This is the ones you want to shove all your loving down their throats just because they do exactly that to us.

Tickles For that ticklish bestie who bursts into giggles at the slightest touch. Nicknames are supposed to express affection and friendship and are not deed to craigslist fitchburg in hurting their feelings or to open the doors up to bullying. Hands down, no one comes close.

Blossom For that one friend who is as pretty as a budding cherry blossom and makes you feel fresh when they are around. Puffy For the adorable bestie who namrs up like a pufferfish at the slightest annoyance. Well, if you are, then this article is a gem for you.

2. love guru

They love too much. Kiddo For the sweet friend who will always be a kid to you, no matter how old they get. Sassy B!

They just understand you, and nothing feels better than that. We all have a sweet friend who needs to always be protected. Hero For the bestie who makes you feel protected and will go to any limits to be there for you.

Sprinkles — She adds life to every and any part of your life you bring her into. Shutterstock Yummy For that best friend who cooks tasty meals for you and never lets you go hungry.

Secrets For that friend who is your secret-holder, and you trust them with every little detail of your life. Diamond — She shines bright, and she remains second to none. Need I say more?

Shutterstock For the ever sweet and colorful best friend who makes you believe in happiness. Do you two love to do something together? Juliet For the love-sick best friend who never gets tired of talking nc backpage her boyfriend.

What better way to cement this bond than by giving them nicknames? Pickles This is for the friend who loves pickles. Shutterstock For the friend who always has the latest gossip! Chatter Box For the one who loves talking and texts all day. My beautiful beloved — Need we explain further?

That just know you inside out and round any day, and vice versa. Do you have a favorite movie?