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2005 nissan altima common problems I Am Looking For A Man

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2005 nissan altima common problems

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Vehicle Problems Find out what cars to avoidview the latest problem trendsor keep up-to-date with the most recently reported problems. I get great gas mileage and have a good size tank.

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Took it to the dealer and they were like wow it wasn't plugged in all the 2005 and some pins were vent. I bought the 06 altima with 11 miles brand new in and I have nowmiles on it. Heater doesn't work properly. Too much road noise.

The silver paint is slowly chipping away already. Removing and reinstalling the oil filter can dislodge the seal.

Preston L on September 13, Helpful Bad by de. If i was making a right turn with my blinker on, as i'd exit the turn the blinker would nissna off, and so would my head lights.

The problem often happens after an oil black match com because the oil filter is attached to the cooler. DIY Brakes and rotors at 90k needed rotots at 50k though 4. A fun car to have a good time in! They also mentioned nothing about the pre-cat or exhaust but I notice there were several recalls before I bought this used in Catalytic converter failure Another problem reported with the Nissan Altima is the check engine light coming on due to catalytic converter failure.

Unfortunately, there is also a recall on Nissan Altima vehicles for a fuel pump issue, specifically, the fuel tubes leading to the fuel pump.

Catalytic converter failure

Leather is nice. First, one of the rear tail lights wasn't plugged in.

Advertise Advertising on CarComplaints. Rear wheel drive gives better control if you know what you are doing. Also the trunk is a good size for a smaller car.

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It can be challenging to detect the source because the problem comes and goes. It's not a bad thing necessarily. It is automatic.

Katherine A on March 8, Helpful Mechanics recommend sending it to the dealership if it is a v6. Parts are ridiculously expensive. Model years and are also affected. March 7, The Nissan Altima has been a solid vehicle for the Japanese automaker, and the Altima is no exception.

What is the baddes problem on a nissan altima s especial edition

Good performance for a 4-cyl. The biggest negative about the car is road noise, both bumps and wind. Around the Site Information Find out more about niasan in the press or read stories from drivers who praise our work. I like the crigslist vt back seat. It had great get up and go to a point and then it just acts like your 4 grandmas car that slowly gets up to speed and barely keeps up with traffic.

My friend said my engine is dying.

The other issue was also terrifying. Symptoms include the car not starting, shaking while driving, and stalling at slow speeds. It is as though it wants to see if you are really serious before the power comes on.

Nissan altima

These are the most common complaints with the Nissan Altimathough they have all been corrected in the Nissan Altima. The seats are leather, and warms the front two, so that is a plus. What do you know about the Chevy Malibu? So far ive replaced the control arms left front 2 timesthe axles, the shocks and struts right front and rear twicethe tires twicethe married people dating site, the motor mounts 1 twice 1 three timesrack and pinion, rear camber arm, front outer tie rod end, front bearings, im altiam i left something out but i would of had a new car by now right?

It's a good family car for a family of 5. Failed engine seal Owners reported oil leaking from the engine of the Nissan Altima with a altika. Rebekah V on October 13, Helpful Great heated, leather seats. The systems rarely fail, however when they do, they are costly to repair and would suggest a newer model to easily weigh the odds of spending so much on fixing the car.

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Front struts at k needed them since k though The car has really good interior quality. I love the features with pdoblems temperature, it is never too hot it too cold you can always make it perfect for you. Crankshaft position sensor as did everyone else with this car at 60k 2.