How to Replace HVAC Condenser Fan motor in Just 10 min?

The damaged HVAC Condenser fan motor is very Common problem. Continuous exposition of condenser to environment and regular ON & OFF makes the motor stop working. This makes the Motor bearing seize or they draw the wrong Amperage.

How to Replace a HVAC Condenser Fan motor in Just 10 min?

After this damaged motor, you have two options in your hand. First, you can call up AC Technician which will come and cut a big hole in your pocket. Second, Be Calm and Identify the Problem and replace the HVAC Condenser Fan motor Yourself. After scrolling little bit I have explained how to identify that you’re Motor in damage and stopped working and you need a new condenser fan motor.

Just go through the link and select from the list of Best HVAC Condenser fan motor and purchase the one which matches your Air conditioner Configurations. Also, remember you have to buy Capacitor with along with it. Sometime it is included with the motor (Just that care of this thing).

What is Condenser Fan motor?

You must be searching about what actually this Motor do and why this is used?  Basically condenser is a device which converts or condenses gas to liquid. IF you want to study more about condenser you can just stumble on Wikipedia for in-depth knowledge of condenser heat transfer.

Same as your truck or car radiator the Condenser motor of Ac also works for cooling, in cars radiator, it cools down the engine. But, in AC outdoor unit it cool down the gas came from the indoor unit into liquid states. In this way your home cools down.

The mesh happens when your fan stop working and the condenser can’t cool down the gas. Now, a Question must arise in your mind that how could be recognize that your Motor is not working properly.

How to diagnose you Condenser Fan motor stopped working?

It is commonly seen then when an Outdoor AC unit Motor stops working it firstly woks fine then it stops. You can notice the problem by a simple hack that is when you start the motor, it firstly blow cool sir after few minute it starts blowing the room temperature air.

If your fan blades didn’t starts working even after half an hour then there must be something happened in your motor.  Then try to use a thin stick and try to rotate the blade with the help of it. If it still not rotate then it’s high time that to have to replace the HVAC motor.

Caution: Never ever try this thing with your hand or finger. Then motor rotate in a very high speed and cause a serious injury to your hand or finger. Just use a stick for it.

Watch this video which has well described how to diagnose and troubleshoot the bad condenser motor:

Time for Action

Now you know what is a condenser motor? And how it works? And how to diagnose the problem with your HVAC?

Now the option is in your hand whether to call up a technician or get your hand dirty.

It will make a big hole in your pocket to replace the condenser fan motor with help of technician. They charge huge amount of money for just an easy task. You can change the whole setup yourself with your simple home tools. You don’t need any high end tools which are only owned by those technicians.

So, Just scroll down and learn how to easily change your condenser HVAC Motor easily in 10 minutes by following few easy steps.  There is no Rocket science in replacing the HVAC Condenser fan motor.

Do-it-Yourself Guide for Replacement of Bad Air Conditioning Condenser Fan Motor

In just 10 minute you are going to become a HVAC repairing Technician. I must say you have taken the right decision to fix it up with yourself. If you didn’t understand the process just scroll down At the end I have attached the video of in-depth DIY guide how to fix your AC motor.

1. Switch of the Air Conditioner (Cut the Power)

Before starting anything, first thing to do is to cut the power source. This is very important for safety purpose. You can get a Deadly shock or can get injured from fan blade.

2. Unscrew

Use a spanner and unscrew the box nuts to take out the Motor. While taking out the blade keep note the depth of blade. While reattaching the blade again you must have to place the blade approximately at that position. You can even click on the pics to have reference later.

Unscrewing the Grill with the Help of Spanner
Unscrewing the Grill with the Help of Spanner
Position of condenser motor inside the air conditioner
Position of condenser motor inside the air conditioner

3. Click photos of wiring

While taking out the motor and grill. Click out as much clear images as you can later it will help you if you are having the same amount of Wire in New Condenser motor as in old one.

Now, cut down the wires and go ahead with step 4.

4. Attach the Fan Blade

Attach the Fan Blade with new Motor at the same potion it was on the old one.

Attaching the blade of fan motor in the exact depth where it was earlier
Attaching the blade of fan motor in the exact depth where it was earlier

5. Attach the New Condenser fan motor

Attach the motor in the position as it was in earlier position. Make sure the nuts are tight . Loose nuts can cause problem later and can cause complete failure of System once again.

6. Time of Wire Connections

Make sure the wires are away from the motor blades. You can use Tape or wire tie to Fix the motor to any hard thing.

Different motor have different no. of wire in it. Some time the motor you purchase have more number of wire as compare to older one.

Don’t panic you must have received a wiring Diagram along with the motor. It will become very easy for you to rewire everything once again.

If it is having three wire in it, then it’s very simple one wire come out of motor will be attached with the new run capacitor and other two wires are for power and will go to connector for 120 volts on each legs make the total 240 volts.

Condenser motor wire connection with capacitor
Condenser motor wire connection with capacitor

If you r motor is having four wires then two are for power and touch the connector and other two will be for new capacitor. (Note:- if old motor have 3 wire and new one has 4 wires then remaining two will be required for capacitor running. IF the original capacitor is a Dual run capacitor with only one Leg for Fan connection then you have to buy one more capacitor to run the fan motor. )

Condenser motor wire connection with Power line
Condenser motor wire connection with Power line

If still you are having some confusions left. Then just follow the wire diagram that you have received with the Condenser fan motor.  Wire it up according to the color code.

All the wires are attached with wire tie
All the wires are attached with wire tie

7. Screw it Back…

Last and final step screw everything back the motor and grill and enjoy the cool air after testing.

Watch the video if you are still confuse

If you want to buy a new capacitor or condenser fan motor for replacement then just check out the list of best Condenser motor and choose the motor which suites you.


Finally you know everything, from what is a condenser? to how to daignose the fault in the Fan motor? to How to Replace HVAC Condenser Fan motor in Just 10 min?

Now you have to make the effort and enjoy the chilled air from your brand new changed AC Fan Motor.

How to Replace HVAC Condenser Fan motor in Just 10 min?
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